People make it happen

In business today many organisations
invest in improving their processes,
yet fail to recognize that their people are at
the centre of everything.

Implement Bespoke Programs

Four Dimensions offers clients the oppurtunity to
have a bespoke program that complements their
existing processes whilst being personalised
for their staff.

Connect with your Customer

Connect to your customer and drive sales
by engaging and re-energising
your staff.

About: Our Style

  • Challenge the individual and their perspective

  • Provide real data enabling the delegates to reflect on the reality of their performance

  • Encourage open and honest sharing

  • Offer a contrasting view from other sectors and experiences

  • Connect to the learning style of the delegates

  • Encourage the delegates to change in small increments

  • Give them the confidence to begin their journey

Our Process

Diagnostic Phase

Identify the individuals and groups you wish to develop.
Map the systems and processes that affect them.
Understand the ‘eco-system’ and its pressure points.


Construct a personalised program that focuses on the
needs of the target group, individuals and/or customers.
Incorporate diagnostic tools and simplify ‘the A4 way’.
Test the approach in controlled conditions.


Deliver the program.
Personalise to suit local conditions and requirements
Use Plan-Do-Check-Act to constantly to evolve the delivery.


Monitor the feedback cycle to measure individual performance plus engagement and ‘change’. Financial tracking
to measure impact and ROI.

Our Products

The Evolution Program
A program that challenges the hearts and minds of your people as they
take responsibility for making a change in the way they work. Systems
and processes are only as effective as the people who use them.

Red One Executive Coaching
A 9-step Executive coaching program that was developed whilst
working with senior RAF staff. The approach is a fusion of professional
experiences gathered from sport, education, the Military, and business.
The intellectual footprint is anchored in established references such as
the Seven Habits of Effective People (Steven Covey).

Driving the Sales Chain
In order to attract customers, organisations invest heavily in promotions
and campaigns. Driving the Sales chain reverse engineers the
traditional process. The results are impressive - increased customer
awareness, reduced costs and improved sales!

Net Promoter Surveys

So, what does your customer think of your product and service? Most
organisations do not know. Our Product gives you the opportunity to
gather customer feedback via a 'live' platform. Customers can enter the
information on any platform - smart phone, tablet or computer. You can
then segment the data by region, product, timeline etc. This can be used
to target sales, improve service or evaluate overall customer service.

Productivity in Education
Using our education expertise we have designed a program for the
application of lean principles into the education environment.
Our speciality is to improve institution performance using the integration of
new technologies into the ever-changing, dynamic and education environment.

We offer a suite of diagnostic tools that are individual, team and
organisation focused. The diagnostics are the catalyst for people to
begin their process of self reflection, this in itself is the starting point
for the change journey.

Case Studies

Essa Academy

  • 900 students - 11 to 16 years
  • Focus: Putting technology at the centre of learning for all Apple learning partner (see: BBC News, 7th January 2013. 'A bookless school where every student has an iPad')

Productivity in Education

To ensure that the non-teaching staff are prepared, their systems and processes redesigned, as they transfer to their new technology-rich environment.

The initial brief was to undertake a detailed diagnostic of the non-teaching staff, their roles, responsibilities, dependent systems and processes and ‘ways of working’. The non-teaching staff included IT Support, Science and Technology, Estates, Administration and Accounts. A macro plan was then co-constructed that evolved from existing systems and processes; this provided a roadmap for staff for a 12 month period. The multiple level plan complemented and supported the teaching staff and ensured that personal responsibilities are both allocated and recognised and success is measured and celebrated.

Measureable and transparent departmental KPIs which focus on service and team performance.  Non-teaching staff embraced the high technology environment and maximized the use of the available technology to deliver an excellent £100,000 direct saving in operational costs.
A flagship operational environment which is nationally referenced

Vauxhall Trade Club

  • Vauxhall Trade Club was established in 1991
  • Vauxhall Motors is an automotive British manufacturing and distribution organisation Owned General Motors (USA)

The Evolution Program

The Trade Club structure was undergoing a radical change, 315 retailers being reduced to 85 and a new approach was required by all people working within the TC. The Evolution Program was used to introduce a new way of working, simplifying a complex picture whilst refocusing all staff on the key objective – driving SALES. The bespoke program blended in the active processes and systems used with the reality of the expectations of both the Retailer and Vauxhall.

A series of workshops were run plus Executive Coaching and support. The workshops focused on the key customer-facing teams including: Vauxhall Field teams, Retailer Managers, Telesales teams, Sales Reps and Van drivers. The Evolution Program allowed the actors (people) to deconstruct their approach, reflect on the perception of their performance verses the ever changing commercial reality and to begin to evolve their role and leadership style.

Results - Rob Walsh (Vauxhall Motors UK)
“During the largest structural change to the Vauxhall trade parts network in the last 20 years the evolution programme was central in driving the cultural change required within the New Trade Parts Centre management teams.”

“Feedback from our Centre Managers after attending the initial 2014 Evolution workshops was extremely encouraging and at the follow up sessions in 2015 clearly discernible changes to the Centre managers approach and focus were apparent.“

“The commercial results from the programme are that year on year sales growth was achieved even during the period of substantial network turmoil and sales growth in year 2 is running at double digit level.”

CNHi EMEA Parts & Service

  • Brands: Case, New Holland (Parts & Service) and Iveco
  • Scope: EMEA region – all sales and marketing channels
  • Sectors: Agriculture, Construction, commercial vehicles
  • Turnover: €2 Billion

Driving the Sales chain

CNHii needed to instigate a change in the way they were working across the EMEA region.
The initial brief was to investigate the marketing and communication structure that flows from Sales and Marketing, in Paris, to the end customer and understand how their people were working.  The diagnostic revealed opportunities for improvement in communications between the HQ, Markets, Field teams and Dealerships.

A series of workshops that cascaded through the teams, challenging the traditional approach, whilst acting as a vehicle for change. In addition, specific individual development programs were delivered to identified members of staff. The catalyst to change was supported by the Senior Managers in the business.  Each workshop focused on the Sales and Marketing communications that flowed into and out of each specific gateway. For example, working with the EMEA Marketing Managers to establish the key protocols for deploying campaigns/ promotions into multiple languages both B2B and B2C. Additionally, working with the Sales teams to shape their customer approach and offer.


  • A minimum €1M increase in revenue relating to individual campaigns and product promotions.
  • A €100K saving in individual campaign deployment costs.

Client feedback

  • 97% of delegates agreed that Driving the Sales Chain has enabled them to do their job more effectively.
  • 100% of delegates felt challenged and reflected on the way they worked during and after the workshops.


  • LaB58 is a supplier of education and training to OEMs in the science industry
  • Lab58 is an innovative company that has developed an interactive portal for Microscope OEMs

Net Promoter surveys

LaB58 is a supplier of education and training to OEMs in the science industry. Lab58 is an innovative company that has developed an interactive portal for Microscope OEMs. In discussion with the OEMs LaB58 identified that there is a lack of feedback from customers – the end user. Our brief was to design and develop a customer feedback system.

The basis of the survey developed is simplicity and live access. The Net Promoter methodology is not based around customer service but more centered on how the customer ‘feels’ and ultimately whether they would recommend the product to a colleague.  From a customer perspective the survey is web based, takes 10 seconds to complete on multiple platforms (phone, tablet, website). The overall results are updated instantly and the OEM can view the output in the format of their choice. The aggregated output results can then be segmented, as required, by customer, product or date.


  • Lab58 has a growing portfolio of clients including Nikon, Meiji and Microtec.
  • Complementary support tutorials added to the website.
  • Actual results cannot be shared due to restrictions of confidentiality.

Ascent Flight Training

  • Ascent Flight Training is a partnership between Lockheed Martin and Babcock to deliver the HM Government outsourced Military Flying Training System

Red One Executive Coaching

The biggest PPI in recent times took place when HM Government outsourced the Military Flying Training System to a partnership between Lockheed Martin and Babcock (Ascent Flight Training); the value of a contract is said to run into many Billions. Four Dimensions supported the program during the integration phase, through the Red One Executive Coaching program. The program supported the integration of the three dimensional partnership between the RAF, MOD and Ascent Flight Training. The first phase was to work with the three key strategic leaders and their teams including the Air Commodore, responsible for all UK Military flying training. This Executive Coaching approach was cascaded to targeted RAF stations including RAF Linton-on-Ouse, York.

Each Executive coaching experience followed the 9-step approach developed by Four Dimensions; the content was personalised to the individual needs and circumstances. Each of the Executives shared their understanding of how they operate before going through a process of controlled deconstruction and re construction – centered around the core pillars of the Mind, the Person and the Job. The positions and responsibilities of the executives facilitated the creation of a ‘blended coaching’ approach allowing for respect to build, challenge and reflection. In all instances a high level of TRUST was imperative to the relationship, especially as we were dealing with a highly confidential matters and sensitive eco system which was undergoing a huge change.

The tangible measure was reflected in two ways:

  • The Executives who were coached slowly repositioned themselves and began working as one team.
  • The program was cascaded to other individuals in the organisation.
  • Executives in partner organisations engaged in the program.

Diagnostic Tools

Situational Response Analysis
This is a behavioural self-analysis tool that allows individuals to
consider the degree of consideration they have for others and the level
of openness/honesty both with themselves and others.

Working styles
The Working styles diagnostic gives a fascinating insight into the
individual and how they operate in the working environment.
Our individual traits form the reference point of how we interact why we
feel frustration or why we work so well with some colleagues... but not

Organisational climate survey
The organisation climate survey is a quantitative research programme
designed to provide Leaders with feedback on staff attitudes and
perceptions, and to help them identify key areas for improved
management communication.

Team: perceptions verse reality
What is the reality of working with others? This diagnostic focuses on
the key behaviours that we all see 'in each other' on a day to day basis
The output creates the opportunity for a constructive, progressive and
revealing discussion between colleagues.

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